ONIKUMA K8 camouflage Gaming سماعة

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جهاز تحكم عن بعد متقدم / سماعة الرأس
High quality advanced sound allow you to experience a clean sound At 360 degrees,


ONIKUMA K8 RGB White Camouflage – Gaming Headphones

Gaming headset – 3.5mm and USB connection – PS4, Xbox and PC compatible – 3D stereo sound – LED light

One of the most powerful headphones you’ll ever have in your hands. That’s the new ONIKUMA K8 RGB White Camouflage, a model designed for greatness that will let you win every game. You will be able to enjoy an incredible sound, with an exceptional quality that will allow you to enjoy the most spectacular games with a 3D sound and its LED light. A model designed for the most pro, for those who not only win in games, but do so in style – you’ll love them!

Camouflage yourself for victory

We know what you’re looking for: sound and greatness. With Onikuma’s new headphones, you’ll be able to hear where your enemies are, thanks to the high quality sound, which allows you to enjoy clear and powerful bass and treble sounds you never imagined you’d find so powerful. With this sound, you’ll enjoy true 3D sound, one of those sound qualities you never imagined you’d find in your ears, an incredible sound. It is formed by a high quality heafband that will allow you to wear it for a long time without any problem. This model is designed not only to give you a spectacular sound, but also give you a great quality of LED light with the use of its double 3.5mm jack and USB connector. You will listen to everything your enemies do while you look like a pro. These new gaming headphones will be the best ally for the victory, some of the best you’ll find today. You’ll love them!

يسمح لك الصوت المتقدم عالي الجودة بتجربة صوت نقي

360 درجة

تتكيف مع مجموعة متنوعة من الألعاب والأجهزة اليوم

جهاز تحكم عن بعد متقدم لإضاءة سماعة الرأس والصوت

خيار إلغاء الضوضاء المتقدم

معلومات تقنية :

الحساسية: 108dB +/- 3dB

مدى التردد: 20Hz-20KHzM

الميكروفون: 38 ديسيبل +/- 1 ديسيبل

وسادات سماعة رأس جلدية تعطي إحساسًا كاملاً بالعتامة

ميكروفون وسماعات رأس قابلة للتعديل

يغير تجربة اللعبة بأكملها


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 Have a question? Ask now!


ONIKUMA K8 camouflage Gaming سماعة

130.00139.99 (-7%)

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